We are management consultants in strategy, innovation and change management.
By working with visualization at all steps of the process, we help you achieve your business goals in a creative and efficient manner.
When you want to accelerate change, we are your partner.

Why visualize?

We want to make our customers excel in change and transformation.
Our minds think in images. Nowadays, we also expect communications and information in image and film.
We can help you drive development in your organization by leading by creating images. We call it Image Driven Change.

Meet our Eco-system

Lena Pehrs

CEO and founder, consultant Image Driven Change

Lena holds a M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering, and combines 20 years of change management, with a unique ability to capture what is said and summarize in visualized concepts, in real time. By combining visualization with change management, she can help you through all the stages from strategy development to implementation and achieved goals.

Having lived in Scotland, England, France and the U.S.A., she’s used to working in an international business arena.

Started developing the Image Driven Change concept in 2014, and started Business Design Studio Scandinavia in 2016, to focus fully on developing services that combine change management and visualization.

phone: +46 (0)70-343 37 33


Markus Isaksson

Co-founder, Concept and Business Development

Markus is a visual thinker with a high level of analytic skills when it comes to people, organizations, business models and digitalization. He will understand your business challenge, pin point crucial problems and explain with visual metaphors.

With a background in various industries – database designer, teacher, project manager, logistics and diving instructor – he has an outsiders view. With this disruptive eye and mind, he makes complex business issues into a understandable, visual  system – black boxes. Having lived and worked from the Equator to above the Arctic circle, he has an international mind set and understanding of different cultures and ways of working.

phone: +46 (0)72-708 13 98


Maximilian Tropé

Management Coach
(Associated consultant)

Maximilian – Maxi – Tropé is your cathalyst for reaching your true potential as a company, leader and person.

With a background in professional hockey, individual coaching and leadership development, he has a cross-disciplin ability to help you identify the most important blockers and enablers to reach your full potential.

Together with Business Design Studio, Maxi facilitates your journey towards your true potential, with a visual base for discussions and conclusions.


Dario Paniagua

Visual Coach and Teacher
(Associated consultant)

With a solid background in graphic design, Dario has been working with graphic recording for ten years, capturing what is said in real time. Dario has published several books on graphic facilitation and regularly holds courses about visual communication.

Together with Dario we are offering graphic recording on events (in English, Spanish or Italian) as well as training courses if you want to start using visualization as a tool in your work.


Clifford Carnmo

Senior advisor digital strategy and transformation.
(Associated consultant)

Experienced IT manager, CTO and senior software developer. Supports board of directors, management and organizations in transition to realize business plans by strategic and tactical IT management, agile projects and technical change management.


Mia Olofsson

Grafic post-production
(Associated consultant)

Mia has a great ability to unite simpleness with details. Harmony, balance and unity in colors and layout characterizes her work. Her illustrations have lots of details where the observer always can make new discoveries. The design is stripped and clean and she has an ability to to catch the content in what is going to be communicated. She is always accurate in her work and delivers design of high quality.


Stella Haglund

Interim Manager
(Associated consultant)

Stella has a razor sharp ability to see where the bottle necks are for an organisation to take the next step towards the goal, whether it’s with leadership, processes, systems, culture or individuals.

With a combination of engineering and behavioral science, she performs turn-arounds of both individuals and businesses, in a way that few would think possible. Image based in her way of being, she works as a change leader in Business Design Studios’ assignments.




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