Jointly created through a visual process, where management can design the goal and direction and all staff can relate and understand. 


A jointly developed visual strategy, ready for communication

We help you identify the game changing choices, opportunities, threats and makes you agree on a goal and how to get there. By having a real time drawing of your discussion you can build on each other’s reasoning and increase the quality of the discussion. You get an immediate overview of the complex relationships between the different parts and give an opportunity to prioritize and move forward.

Because it really becomes the management’s common, concrete visual for goals and strategy, you have laid a good foundation for your development work.

When to use this:

  • Strategy development
  • IT-strategy
  • Business Planning


Make everybody understand the goal and need for change, by working with visuals


Efficient change management by working with visualization

Change happens when three key bases are in place:

  • The management team agrees on the goal and how it should be achieved
  • Employees understand the logic behind the goal and want to be involved in it
  • There is an agile approach to testing, evaluating and adjusting in a systematic change process. A development journey that may be long, but there is continuous follow-up

For all steps of this process, visualization is a very powerful tool. With jointly created images, the quality of dialogue and problem solving increases and communication within the organization is facilitated. At Business Design Studio we take a holistic approach to change management with visualization as unique methodology.


  • Planning and leading change
  • Communication and change management
  • Leadership development
Innovation visuell


Facilitate innovation by working visually


Enable innovation by working with visualization – efficient and creative

We give you the prerequisites for thinking openly and freely, and where the ideas can be shared within the group and built on in common. Since the entire process is documented in an image, ideas can be developed jointly and much more efficiently.

After an innovation workshop with us, you have a visual map of what has been discussed during the days. A map that will guide the continued innovation process.

Examples of when you can use this:

  • IoT and new business models
  • Digitalisation and disruptive solutions
  • Eco system design


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